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Business SMS Text Chat

Chat using your virtual phone number from your office computer, tablet or smart phone.

Unlimited chat to and from your virtual office number.

$15 per month*

SMS Text iChat

SMS with iPhone to computerYour SMS enabled virtual phone number allows you to chat with your customer from your computer, tablet or phone*. Move from one device to another and the conversation continues seamlessly.. Now your clients can contact you via text to your computer.

Work with your customer using a chat window on your computer screen. Reduce the on hold time for customer support and on-call staff.

  • Support Staff
  • On Call Medical
  • Real estate sales

Keep your personal cell phone number private while distributing your virtual contact number with SMS capabilities.

Add SMS Text to your All Call Technologies Virtual Phone Number**


* $25 setup fee on first invoice. Additional software or app required and not supported, supplied or sold by All Call Technologies
** Not available on all phone numbers

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