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Here are some stories and thoughts from a few of our clients.

After starting my practice using an existing phone line, I switched to All Call Technologies about a year ago. My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. The transition was smooth, the system is reliable, and the occasional glitch that occurs with any technology has been handled quickly through personal service from Greg. The ability to personalize how calls are managed on my schedule has significantly improved my ability to balance work and home life. Finally, All Call Technologies is very conscious of security concerns, a necessary consideration for my mental health practice. Reliability, security, and prompt professional service. What more could you ask for? Oh yes, a reasonable price. They have that too.

Janice C. C. Lepore, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

Greg and his team at All Call Technologies have been extremely helpful and professional throughout the process of starting a new private practice. Greg always patiently explained the process and was available for any questions. Adding more features as we have grown has been quick and easy. I would recommend All Call Technologies without any reservations.

Jana Henry LPC, West Houston Counseling Center PLLC

We are very happy with our phone system, and are always impressed with the timeliness whenever additional service is needed. The solutions are robust, easy, and very efficient for business. We are very pleased with everything!

Ryan Lennberg, Director of Operations Cole Diagnostics

All Call Technologies Call Center has enabled Glass Slipper Concierge to grow our business by leaps and bounds and has proven to be a great return on a reasonable investment. We now have an office with no geographical limits for our Disney travel advisors who live and work around the country, allowing us to effectively meet our client’s needs with almost instantaneous customer service. Thank you All Call Technologies for filling a vital need for business owners like myself.

Cara Goldsbury, Chief Executive Concierge Glass Slipper Concierge

Matt Dietz, Farmers Insurance

One of the best investments I made when I opened my own office four years ago was to partner with Greg and Rebecca at All Call Technologies. This is a wonderful and inexpensive high-tech phone solution. The office can “sound” as big or small as you want it to.

My favorite feature is that messages left on my office phone are forwarded (almost instantly) to my cell phone and to my e-mail. I have had several occasions when customers left voice messages of an urgent nature at 9 or 10 PM fully expecting to hear from me the morning of the next business day. These clients have been pleasantly surprised when I returned their call in a matter of a few minutes. That spells customer satisfaction and creates customer loyalty.

Greg and Rebecca are fantastic. They are very professional and they make it easy to do business with them. I highly recommend them. 

Lynn Walker, Farmers Insurance

 We've used All Call Technologies service for years at our corporate office and it has really helped our communication. Our corporate partners are often out of the office and it is so nice to receive your messages instantaneously on my smartphone wherever I am. I can also forward the messages so easily via email to someone else and it all just happens without me having to punch in any codes etc.

Galen Danielson, Rehab Authority

 Rebecca and Greg have been a real pleasure to work with. As my insurance agency continues to prosper and develop, they have always been immediately available to design and service a telephone system that meets my evolving needs. I highly recommend them to any small business that needs to manage their inbound calls more efficiently, without spending a lot of money

David Lupien, Farmers Insurance

Greg is a great person with fantastic customer service skills. I have been excited at the quality of product he provides to us at Pro Power Clean inc. I would recommend him and his services to anyone without hesitation.

John Allsbury, Pro Power Clean

 We have been working with (All Call Technologies) for over three years and I wouldn't go anywhere else. They provide awesome customer service and competitive pricing. Thanks for your consistent great care!

Linda Allsbury, Pro Power Clean

 All Call Technologies has provided excellent service for our company for years, and we have had the opportunity and have enthusiastically referred them to our customers and friends. We have not found any other company that comes close to the overall value we get day in, day out

Dan Harrington, NXGen Payment Services

Finding All Call Technologies has had a major impact on our business. I have worked in the dental industry for nearly 10 years and understand the importance and VALUE of a new patient. I believe it is critical to answer EVERY call that comes in, so we do not miss out on potential business. When I first learned about All Call Technologies, I knew it was the PERFECT solution for us! Their service helps to filter calls according to the caller’s needs by allowing them to select which option they would prefer: schedule an appointment, reach Dr. Brown for a dental emergency, get directions to our office or our web site, or simply leave a message in our general mailbox.

I now know every time I answer a call on my cell phone if it is personal or work-related because the All Call Technologies system tells me and gives me the option to accept the call or send it to voice mail depending on my circumstances. If the system takes a voice mail, it forwards the message to my e-mail AND sends me a text notification, so I can be sure to retrieve the message regardless of where I am and respond immediately. Finally, the cost of this system is extremely affordable and has been a tremendous source of profit for us! I would highly recommend Answer Idaho for anyone who doesn’t want to miss out on valuable business and recognizes the value of their own time as well.

Jenny Webster, Castlebury Dental

I contracted with Rebecca's firm, All Call Technologies, to provide fax to email services for my accounting firm. Everything was set up for me in a matter of hours, and worked perfectly the first time and every time. I highly recommend her firm for all manner of small business communication needs.

Laura Canalas Laura Canalas CPA

If you have had any experience dealing with PBX, analog, digital, VOIP, voice mail, wireless and land line systems - you know how complicated, costly, frustrating and ultimately disappointing tying these systems together can become. When I watched All Call Technologies pull together all these communication platforms into a single, uniform package, I was simply amazed. When I received my first invoice, I was thrilled.

Bottom line, you will not find an alternative service that can compete with All Call Technologies. Try to find something even close - you won't. Any other solution would be very expensive to install, manage and replicate what this company offers for a fraction of the cost.

Awesome system! I would recommend their services to anyone! Great way to contact anyone in your office without all the expense of an on-site phone system.

Ron Minegar, Ron Minegar Real Estate

All Call Technologies provides we with an amazing solution to our inbound telecommunications needs. I have received a number of positive comments from clients on our system. If you are in the market for phone and/or fax service, you MUST give these guys a call.

Randal Nelson, Triumph Ventures

As a real estate team we implemented All Call Technologies services in 2005 and are extremely happy with the results. They provide us with the highest level of customer service at all times and allow us to be able to create on call schedules, track advertising calls and operate remotely when needed. Their services simplify our business and allows us to operate more efficiently. Greg and Rebecca have also helped us with many transitions and company growth.Through these times their guidance and support was priceless. We would highly recommend All Call Technologies to any business, small or large.

Craig Zuber, Zuber Group of Keller Williams Real Estate

Dear fellow small business owner,
It comes as no surprise that telephone traffic equals business and missed traffic equals missed business. With Greg Standerfer and All Call Technologies you will not miss a call and you will not miss potential customers. Greg is extremely professional and delivers far more service for the dollar than the competitors. The service is so good I can't believe there are any competitors left! Do yourself and your business a favor and call Greg and All Call Technologies, let this incredible technology build your business the old fashioned way, giving great customer service! Thanks Greg!

Dr. Ken Swaim, Swaim Chiropractic Nampa Idaho

All Call Technologies has been a very valuable real estate tool for us at the MacKenzie Realty Group. All Call Technologies has allowed us to get calls quickly and given us the ability to be proactive with the people calling our office. Our clients only have one number to call to get a hold of us! The customer service from Greg and Rebecca has been wonderful and All Call Technologies has given us a professional tool to handle our calls efficiently. Thanks Greg and Rebecca!

Lisa MacKenzie, Keller Williams Realty

All Call Technologies provided me with a solution for having too many numbers on my business card. As a Real Estate Agent, I wanted one central, easy to remember number for my clients. I also wanted one number for myself, other real estate agents that work with me and my staff. The system works fabulously! In addition, I have a coordinating fax number that automatically scans all my faxes and emails them to me and my assistant at the same time. I also receive a text message when I receive a fax so I know I need to check my email shortly thereafter. In a deadline driven industry, it is important to stay on top of every transaction. All Call Technologies is incredibly professional to work with, stays in regular contact with me and assists me if I come across any issues. Thank you for providing such a great service!

Jennifur Newhouse, The Newhouse Team, Keller Williams Realty