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Voice Messaging

The most advanced voice messaging system for business. Messages are delivered to your
email as WAV, WMA or MP3 audio attachments.

No need to change phone equipment or telephone providers.

Businessman returning a call from a voice message

Voice messaging for BusinessYour Voice Mail outgoing greeting will sound clear, consistent and professional to your caller. You will be sent the actual voice message to hear on your computer. You get your messages even if your phone lines are all busy. Respond to your callers more quickly.

  • Your caller never gets a busy signal!
  • Listen to your Voice Mail even if all of your office phone lines are busy
  • Forward important Voice Mail to others via email
  • Archive Voice Mail on your computer
  • Delete Voice Mail easily
  • Receive SMS Text notification on your cell phone

Replace your answering machine or phone company voice mail
with a more powerful, proactive messaging solution!

Records voice mail Yes it records your voice mail messages Yes it records your voice mail message
Call to retrieve voice mail
  • Playback options for Normal/Urgent newest or oldest first
  • Option to auto delete message after play
  • Option to automatically go to next message after play
  • Option for ring before answer if no new messages
Yes, you can call into the system and hear your messages Yes, you can call into the system and listen to your messages
Voice messages delivered to email as WAV WMA or MP3 audio attachments Yes Yes
Voice Mail can be delivered to three email addresses simultaneously Yes Yes
Professional custom outgoing greeting or record your own anytime Yes Yes
SMS text notification with Caller ID Yes Yes
Email message and notification with Caller ID on caller hangup! Yes Yes
Caller has options to re-record, or mark message as urgent Yes Yes
SMS text notification for all OR only urgent messages Yes Yes
Mailbox voice signature can be added to message audio file! Yes Yes
Retrieve your Voice Mail via email, phone or web portal Yes Yes
Change your email addresses 24/7 from the web portal Yes Yes
Male or female voice for greeting Yes Yes
Up to 12 different outgoing greetings No Yes
Change greetings on the fly from any phone No Yes
Change greetings to play automatically on schedule No Yes
Proactive notification/delivery options:
  • SMS text notification to up to 6 cell phones
  • Voice delivery calls any US phone to play message
  • All messages, first message, not played or urgent only messages
  • Repeat notification at interval
  • Digital or voice pager signalling
  • Forward to other mailbox
No Yes
Web portal access:
  • Change email addresses
  • Change schedule for greetings
  • Change password
  • Change notifications and deliveries
  • View call activity reports
No Yes


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