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Business Ideas

Small and medium sized businesses need to have the most efficient operation possible with regard to their phones. Here are 10 reasons why the small office needs to have a Virtual Receptionist.

Many businesses have sales people out everyday making calls on their clients. Often the salesperson hand the client a card with his contact info on it. The contact phone numbers on the card should all be owned by the business! If the cell phone number on the card is the salesperson's personal cell...

I was chatting with a small business owner at a chamber mixer last week and she asked "How do I get listed on Google Places?" I suggested that she get a virtual business telephone number from All Call Technologies and have it listed. Listing her telephone number would get her business added to Google Places, Yahoo Local, Merchant Circle,,, and many others.

We run into many small business owners who started their business using their cell phone number as their business telephone number. It is very common and initially seems like a good idea. We understand why people do this. It is an inexpensive communications solution that appears...

 Are you looking for a new employee? I have a couple of friends who are Action Coaches and they have their clients setup an Employee Screen Voice Mail number to advertise. This streamlines the initial process of contact and keeps your office from getting flooded with calls.

The idea of testing and measuring advertising is not a new concept. Marketing firms test different ads with slightly different content all the time to generate the most ROI for the client. Measuring results of different ads and different media has been challenging...

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